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It's not what you say,
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First and foremost, website copywriting gives your company a voice in the market. If you know what tone and approach you want, we’ll apply it throughout your website and marketing efforts, but if you don’t, not to worry, as our copywriting team will apply the most appropriate tone for your industry.

But copywriting goes beyond just knowing how to talk to customers now. Because of the rise of certain search engines and complex algorithms, SEO copywriting has become just as important. So if you thought knowing the difference between compliment and complement, or discrete and discreet was enough, think again. Our copywriters at Leblek know how to seamlessly blend in all the required keywords to help get you noticed on search engine results. Not only that, but our team will also ensure what we write is unique to you, so not only can you be assured that everything is original, but those pesky search engines will know it too!

Our copywriting work blends seamlessly with your branding, website and any other messaging efforts you come to us for. Sometimes a picture can say a thousand words, but why say a thousand words when you can do it with just a few well chosen ones? 



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Why Choose Us For


Copywriting is a profession and a craft – just watch Mad Men. At Leblek, we use only the best copywriters to help put your business offering into words your customers not only understand, but are inspired and moved by (there’s one doing it right now on this page!). Whether you want to move them to click and purchase, pick up the phone or remember a year later, there are a whole range of powerful ways you can use the written word.

Writing isn’t for everyone, especially when you need to convince your audience to do something. At Leblek, we make it easy for your audience to understand, connecting the dots and driving them to do the thing you want: convert. 

With expertise in a variety of sectors, our copywriting team will translate what you do into engaging and informative content for your site. We have experience in getting results through our writing, so wherever you are in the UK, your business can benefit. No duplication and no hard work on your part is required, just leave it up to us. We know you have other things that need your attention.

Whether it’s your website, your social profiles or your brochures, there’s nothing we can’t scribe for you. We know the difference between writing for print and writing for digital, and we also know that what we write about has to change depending on where the audience is in the buying process.

Make words work for you and your business; just get in touch and we’ll do the rest.

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