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Graphic Design

It's digital artistry.

From a full redesign of how your business looks, to a quick update to get you dressed and ready to challenge in a competitive marketplace, we do it all. You see, it’s a lot like turning up to a fancy award ceremony in a tired, ill-fitting outfit you’ve borrowed from an elderly relative – only the freshest designs are going to get the attention. So how do we actually do it?

Well, within our graphic design studio, we keep a talented team who work with you to deliver smart, elegant and tidy design work. It all starts by finding out what you need, which is why we’ll want to know what the end product you need from us is, who your audience is and what your main selling points are as a business. It’s this kind of stuff that will inform the work we do and how we do it. 

For example, if you need to inspire trust in your services, we’ll provide professional-looking designs that bring your company right up to date. On the other hand, if you’ve got an edgy new product that you want to shout about, we’ll help to create energetic designs that still conform to core design principles but that still set you apart. As part of our work, we can deliver the following:

  • – Designs for exhibitions
  • – Designs for brochures
  • – Designs for packaging
  • – Designs for direct mail
  • – Designs for branding

You get the picture: whatever you need designing, we can do it, and we’ll make you look as professional and established as you want.



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Why Choose Us For


Whether you want to give off a sense of trust and reliability or you want to stand apart from the crowd with something bold, at Leblek, we’re a graphic design company with the tools and the team to deliver visuals that more than meet the brief. We’ll bring your dream designs into reality and then some – just let us take care of the formatting.

Stop settling for “OK” designs that someone in your team knocked up overnight and start getting the professional work your business deserves. With all the design principles and skills, we take the following approach, so that you can trust in us at every step:

  1. Briefing – we find out exactly what you want to achieve 
  2. Design and develop – we create the work or create concepts for you to choose from
  3. Feedback and amends – we get your thoughts and make any reasonable adjustments
  4. The finished article – we send you the final work, whether it’s digital or printed assets

We’re not ‘yes’ people, so we’ll always tell you the truth when it comes to what looks good and what doesn’t. When you choose us, we want the best for you, which is why we stick to this principle of honesty. So don’t be afraid; let us bring your business to life with graphic design content from the very best. 

Call us now for a face-lift, a nip-and-tuck or just a new brochure that you’re not ashamed to hand out to would-be customers.

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