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Content Marketing

Content matters.

If you hadn’t already heard, content is king. Content helps you to run the show, and without it, you’ll always be waiting in the wings watching other people bring the house down. There’s a whole wide world of content marketing to conquer and with our Nottingham team, it’s all there for the taking. 

We’re not exaggerating either, here’s how the right mix of content works to benefit your business:

Better SEO ranking – The more relevant and useful content you have on your site for your industry, the more Google loves you, meaning you can get an SEO boost from a content marketing strategy.

More links back to you – Getting your name and website linked back from other reliable sources via content also helps to impress search engines, sort of like a badge of honour.

Creates trust – For customers to contact you, they need to trust you. Content marketing allows you to talk to them without selling, instead, building trust so that when they do need you, you’re the one they’re going to call.

Driven by data – Who is searching for what, and where the hell are they? Data matters. That’s why creating a strategy around your potential audience is important, because it shows you’ve got what they’re looking for.

So, what exactly would you get? Take a deep breath, because there’s plenty that can be done to show off your brand in a subtle way, including: blog post writing, video content, industry calculators, graphical content, press relations pieces, quizzes, whitepapers, photography, competitions, interactive pieces… are you getting the idea yet? Can we stop?

We did say it was a wide world. But the important thing to remember is that we’ll only recommend the right content mix to meet your goals. This isn’t just a “see what sticks” kind of approach, we’re not cooking pasta here, our team drives a strategy that makes sense for your business and your audience.

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Building yourself up online and making your website more interesting and useful means you get more promotion for your business. Whether customers are reading it, sharing it or receiving it, this important part of the marketing mixture gets your name out there and amplifies your voice.

As a content marketing agency based in Nottingham, at Leblek we work with businesses across a range of sectors throughout the UK. What makes us good at content marketing is the amount of time we’ve been doing it. As simple as that may seem, our experience means you don’t have to learn anything from scratch, you can let us do all the creative thinking and doing.

Every client we work with is different, some sell products which benefit from visual promotion, while others offer services that require research-led written content to engage a potential customer at different phases of the decision-making process.

Maybe you know what kind of brand you want to be, maybe you need help – either way, that’s where the Leblek team comes into the picture.

Are you ready to meet the king? We’ll be your guide in the land of content. All you have to do is ask.

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